Our Values


Client First

Our service is what creates the loyalty of our clients. Our service is what drives our new client growth. The needs of our clients take priority over everything, including our profits. We know that the success of our clients leads to the success of our employees.

kick ass.png

Kick Ass Every Day

We approach each day with passion, integrity and dedication to go above and beyond for our clients and our team members. We hear from our clients that we “appear to truly enjoy what we do.” It’s not just appearance... it is the truth. The passion for what we do and how we do it, makes business enjoyable.

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Apple Pie and 4th of July

Headlines force other firms to explain themselves and the behavior of others in their firm. This is never a concern at Gill Capital Partners as our ethics and values guide every decision. We answer to each other and our clients, not the corporate office. Our independence allows us to always act in the best interests of our clients.

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Give Back

We are thoughtful of how we spend our time and money — both as a company and as individuals. We believe in supporting the needs of our community through service and financial support.

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Check Your Ego at the Door

We all answer phones, we all empty garbage, we all take the time to helpwhen anyone asks for it. Our approach leaves no room for egos.