Summertime and the living is-

Summertime and the living is- In my recent scouring of financial news, I was looking for signs of optimism. In this day and age it is easy to succumb to the mind numbing plethora of negative articles and hidden agenda. However, complete unbridled ignorance of the obvious could spell peril for the individual investor. I found an article I would like to share. As you read through make yourself cognizant that it is always darkest before the dawn. With that in mind when we look back at historical market corrections going back to the 1930s there are some interesting comparisons to be made. Most market corrections are dramatic in the down turn. Most market corrections have a bottoming period- or a time frame of sideways trading. Last but not least, most recoveries out of market corrections have a pull back before moving into a less volatile trading range. Where we are now is debatable. It’s important to look at your portfolio and make certain it is appropriate for your needs.

Enjoy. Gill Capital Partners.