Pot now on sale aisle 4

Legalize pot? In Mexico? The debate has been waning for years. What to do with the war on drugs? During the Carter administration and then Reagan stepping up the battle we found our country taking a very aggressive stance on the war against illegal drugs. Yet despite our efforts the consumption production and import of drugs has continued to rise. Now Mexico our neighbor to the south is in a bad position with a civil war looking more and more possible as well as losing control of the military and police due to corruption. Leaves Mexico in a bad position.

This week Crazy Calderon has made an interesting diversion in tactic. If you can beat them join them. Legalize Pot. However is this going to help our country or create an even bigger issue? This tactic may force our hand in following suit. While arguments exist on both sides of the aisle the solution is simple economics. If we legalize we can tax. If we can control the distribution and the consumption to social circles we control the violence associated with drug lords. The counter argument is the Slippery slope concept. In that it’s a gateway drug. Well that may be true but the drug is mainstream. It exists in all circles and control and taxation is much better than a battle that cannot be won. We are concerned about porous borders now. How about when drugs are free flowing and violence is subdued? However using Amsterdam as a test example not many citizens are fleeing the dike ridden paradise. Violence? Does not exist. So maybe Felipe isn’t crazy after all.

Have a great weekend.