Octopus anyone?

It’s so easy an octopus can do it. The Kickoff to the world’s largest sporting event has been greeted in the US with some level of admiration and support that has not been seen in previous years. For those who are woefully ignorant to the Worlds Game. The world cup is the equivalent- if every country played American football. The best players born into that country would be chosen to represent their respective country in a tournament that includes 200 countries and captures the attention of several billion TV viewers across the globe. It would be as if our pro bowl players would actually play and try to win! We have discussed the “PIGS” Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Greece. Greece forced to introduce austerity measures Spain nearing the same woeful conclusion and the remainder of Europe in the trenches in an effort to bail them out. Well the once in 4 year event that neither Spain nor Nederland’s have been privy to playing- could represent a growth that the countries desperately need at a time when it may be needed the most. In our investment meeting this week we discussed the emergence of economies now (especially because the headlines have been so negative) it was also brought up that Europe could see a boost from the magical if not mythological World cup. Now more than ever soccer plays a role on the world stage. Bloomberg agrees.