Looking for a Miracle? If miracles happen- often it’s only in a historical reference that we can truly appreciate the gravity of the event? While we are in the middle of an event- it may be hard to appreciate its full impact. I took my family and friends to visit a somewhat paradoxical and controversial location high in the mountains of Colorado. For those of you looking for a modern true to life example of one man’s ability and desire (paired with the potential of being a little off of center) I would highly recommend visiting Bishop’s Castle. I have been frequenting the location for the better part of 25 years. Each visit, I have been given the opportunity to see the castle grow and develop all under the supervision and effort of one man- Jim Bishop. Over the years the castle has grown and grown. Prior to having children I would walk along the cascades of rod iron with confidence Dangling over hand built towers and embracing Jim’s ingenuity and confidence. Now I peer over hugging the wall wondering, how long before something catastrophic fails on this OSHA nightmare? But I digress- the real show is Jim. He is an anti- government screaming at the top of his lungs radical one man army. His struggles are well documented and worth the read. He is the guy who wants government out of his way. But my point on all of this- To what end? As we continue to navigate the current economic environment paired with potential political change in the next 100 days. The opposing aisles are poised for some level of upheaval after the election. But the question to be answered once the dust settles is- What is the solution? We as a country find ourselves inexplicably tied between ideals and the representative in public office that we hope can deliver. We all want personal freedom with some level of support ,in the event we fall on hard times. We want to keep our earnings and a country safe from harm. We want the protection that unions provide, yet the ability to exist on the fringe of their respective restrictions. We love public parks and forest lands- yet cringe at the idea of paying additional funds to access parks. We demand to be rugged individuals as we ride our Bikes without pipes in a blatant anti “the man” sentiment. But we show a very subtle appreciation of our federal jobs and pensions. How do we find balance in a world without compromise? If the solution were to force society into a series of truly difficult decisions- would we demand absolute freedom? Absolute economic gain without taxation? Absolute….Anarchy maybe? Well there has been a class room in which the concept of Socialism vs. Capitalism has been explored. It has been referred to as the Miracle in Chile. I have been chomping at the bit to discuss this historical piece that many fail to understand. What we know now is the final product- In transition. The article from Bret Stephens in the WSJ. Enjoy. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703411304575093572032665414.html