Feed the Pigs

Can we beat the market? In the last couple of years we have seen the efforts of government to save the economy from massive devastation. While the debate will rage for years as to whether massive government support and or bailout is the solution – or the potential problem will continue to have teeth on either side. But looking at the facts in short order it would appear that allowing the markets to work as they should still represents the best method for economic prosperity and overall wealth creation. To paraphrase this weeks Article. If any government official can be more efficient than the market- then they would be better served to leave the humble public role and dive into business and make billions. An article was sent to me detailing a story of how to capture wild pigs. The answer is to provide a consistent and worthwhile food source. Allow the pigs to become comfortable with the idea that they get to eat for free. Once they become comfortable you can capture them. All of a sudden the easy meal isn’t what the pigs had in mind. As they are being served for supper. Are we the pigs?

Enjoy. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-08-16/obama-s-obsession-drives-progress-in-reverse-commentary-by-kevin-hassett.html