Double Dippers.

Double Dippers? Not to be confused with the George Costanza of the party. The ill fated individual who takes a second stroke in the party salsa or ranch dressing in lieu of a fresh chip. The double dippers that we are referring are the naysayers that believe the economy is headed for a massive correction. (Not sure what camp I am in as I write this). Looking at the statistical data provided by SCIR. Leading economic indicators have given the prelude that we are precariously teetering on the edge but the conflux of naysayers might just be the contrarian beacon that many are looking for.

To question what is going on in the market today is not that farfetched. To be perfectly fair if you’re trotting through this market with little or no concern you’re frankly not paying attention. However- attention might be more dangerous than you realize. Is this the buying opportunity of our generation?

Can we take advantage of fear and create an opportunity?

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