Break the Brits?

BP- Takeover by the federal government? In the midst of a catastrophic disaster coupled with ensuing pressure from the American public and government. BP is struggling with what is the right answer. At this point BP has made incredible efforts to stop the leak clean up oil on the shore and compensate those who are directly impacted by the disaster. Does this satisfy my desire to end this scenario? Absolutely not! However- the pressure is mounting and the pitchforks are being pulled out. Citizens are demanding the list is anything from the absurd (takeover by the federal government) although not completely out of consideration in this day and age. To cutting the dividend on the stock. While the overwhelming majority simply want an end with appropriate dispensation to those impacted as well as a massive environmental cleanup for the gulf region. One would have to ask. Does it make sense to break the back of BP? If we place massive litigation against BP in advance of the actions taken- do we incent BP to do the right thing or simply do enough in expectation of legal action? Do we demand they cut the dividend and then ultimately hurt the stock price pushing them closer to bankruptcy? Then having nothing but hope? Do we push for takeover placing the burden on the taxpayer? And pushing us deeper into a system in which recovery will not exist? BTW how does a country take over a foreign company? No one has the answer. A serious of oversights and human failure have culminated in what is the worse environmental disaster since Chernobyl. The question is-Will adding blood to the water will solve the crisis sooner?