3 Ways Gill Capital Partners excels and delivers “The Capital Difference”

Financial Services firms claiming they can be everything to everyone should be considered with caution. Regardless of the size of a company, it is impossible to excel in all areas of finance and wealth management. For over 30 years, Gill Capital Partners has refined the areas of expertise which we feel are most significant to both our private wealth clients and proper financial strategy. These three areas of expertise are: 1.     One-on-One Client Service

Individuals actively managing their wealth and financial services want a direct and easy connection with their financial advisor designated to do so; and although, this seems it should be a common practice in the financial services industry – it is not. Many of the larger and Denver-based financial service firms only provide a direct connection with an advisor for individuals of enormous wealth.

The Gill Capital Partners business model provides all clients an assigned Relationship Manager–our term for financial advisors. Gill Capital Partners Relationship Managers are always available to their clients via email, phone or in-person, as desired.

2.     Customized Investment Models

In essence, most companies in the financial services industry are selling the same products. They package up what is available in the marketplace, put their name and marketing spin on them and sell them. However, independent financial service companies, like Gill Capital Partners, do not do this.

Because we are independent, Gill Capital Partners doesn’t have to push packaged product. We created an open platform of investments to choose from, which is shared with clients as six different proprietary investment models– backed by logic derived from decades of experience in the financial services industry. Clients who work with Gill Capital Partners are not simply selecting a reputable and experienced firm, but one with a passion for learning and implementing the most unique and strategic financial tools for their clients.

3.     Full Service Private Wealth Management

Wealth management is not simply controlling and monitoring investments. It is a combination of money management, tax planning, preparation and filing, education and college savings, retirement planning, estate and insurance planning, charitable giving and financial administration.

Gill Capital Partners remove the stress and day-to-day burden clients have trying to monitor and control each of these aspects of financial health individually.  This frees up clients’ time to truly enjoy their stage of life and look forward to what’s next.

For this reason, Gill Capital Partners designed EncompassSM, a customized solution of these different, yet intertwined financial disciplines. Encompass allows Gill Capital Partners’ clients the ability to track any, or all, of these components of their finances within one online tool. Take a tour of Encompass now.

Are you partnered with the Denver financial services and wealth management partner that is best for you? Call Gill Capital Partners at 800-288-3777, if you would like to learn about The Gill Capital Difference in private wealth management.

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